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Groundwork for the Little Children of Jesus Project (LJCP) started in 2005 and this involved setting up its offices and conducting outreach programs to reach out to the vulnerable children in the community. Due to the vast number of orphans and needy youth, a great need was immediately identified to help equip these children with practical skills that would enable them to be able to find jobs, earn a living and thrive in society. This led to the opening of a vocational school – Makerere Business School and Innovation Center in 2007. The school was sponsored by the late Dorothy Stewart and Polly Henning, both of whom were members of Fremont Presbyterian Church. Dorothy Stewart donated computers worth $5000 to the school. They were shipped by the University of Florida and installed in the facilities by an Engineer Art and his wife Karen from UC Davis University in conjunction with IT Africa company. A delegation sponsored by Fremont Presbyterian Church missions committee was sent to Uganda during this time on a mission trip and they participated in this launch.

Since 2007, Little Children of Jesus continued making mission trips to Uganda every year, as work progressed to achieve this mission even after the passing of Dorothy Stewart in 2020, at the age of 85 years. We promised her that we would keep this mission alive and well.

In 2012, during one such conference, another major milestone was achieved with the support of Peter Kalangwa, current Chairperson of LCJ board, who led the vision of the establishment of an elementary school Daystar Elementary School with a permanent location. This school was meant to provide much needed education to the younger children (Nursery through P.7) who were not served by the existing vocational school that was meant for older children/youth.

In 2012-2013, Makerere Business School and Innovation Center continued to expand and was later transformed into the Kentim University Project, a university specializing in Agriculture. It was officially launched in 2013 at a separate campus location, with the help of Professor Christopher Lubwama, Chairperson of Department of Finance at the University of California Hayward. The Director of the University, Dr. Aggrey Kyobuguzi and the Principal is Apophia Arinaitwe have continued to follow this vision, with the same mission to help young people find employment in Uganda through acquiring relevant, practical and quality skills.

In 2013, we experienced a critical moment. LCJ was a mission under the Fremont Presbyterian Church Missions Committee. However, as a result of the separation that brought University Presbyterian Church into existence, separating from Fremont Presbyterian Church, LCJ was left hanging without a home church. Fortunately, I was a member of Mission Support Committee, and this enabled the transfer of the project to the Presbytery of Sacramento, as a caretaker while mediation was taking place.

When we became University Presbyterian Church, this became the home church of LCJ, while waiting on the Federation of United Church of Christ and University Presbyterian Church to take place.  When the Federation got completed, we became Sierra Vista Community Church.  We placed LCJ under the Mission Committee of Sierra Vista Community Church to present.

Sacramento Uganda Fellowship was formed in 2016 from this very organization’s LCJ leadership. It became a New Worshipping Community (NWC)under the auspices of University Presbyterian Church, currently Sierra Vista Community Church till today. In 2018, Sacramento Uganda Fellowship sponsored and initiated a new entity called Africa House Sacramento.  This non-profit organization is currently developing faster than any organization we have ever initiated, as another NWC from the Presbyterian World Mission Agency.

Sacramento Uganda Fellowship and Little Children of Jesus have sponsored another entity called the Sacramento Uganda Ministry Network (SUMN), chaired by John Wallace from Carmichael PC. Its purpose is to bridge and connect to our roots through education and cultural sensitivity awareness. This ministry is composed of 3 different denominations:  The Bridge Church, River City Christian Church, and the Presbyterian Church. This combination is in the same line of thinking with the Presbytery (NCCP), the Synod of the Pacific, and the National Presbyterian World Mission Agency in Louisville, Kentucky.

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