Message From Chairman

L-His Worship Dr Emmanuel Serunjoji -Mayor Kawempe Division,Center(Mr. Edrine Dungu and R-Prof. John Wallace ,sharing a light moment at the Graduation of Elshadai Institute,Uganda :2018

After several years learning about Little Children of Jesus from Sacramento, I made my first trip to Uganda with Edrine Ddungu in 2018 to experience that ministry in person.  I found the country to a hidden treasure and the people to be warm and accepting.  Between that first trip and my second trip in 2019, I learned of several churches in the Sacramento area partnering with communities in Uganda.  While on that second trip I was thinking of starting a network in Sacramento to unify the efforts in Uganda from Sacramento.  So in October 2020, during the pandemic, the Sacramento Uganda Ministries Network was born.

The Sacramento Uganda Ministries Network and Little Children of Jesus in Uganda want to welcome you to this inaugural symposium – “Multi-Sector Development Through Synergy”.   Young people are the future of any country and Uganda is no exception.  With God’s help and the information you gather from this symposium’s expert speakers, you will learn employment skills along with skills and health aids that can be taken back and used in your communities.  Improving your communities will improve Uganda.

The vision of this symposium has been simmering for a long time and we would like for it to be an annual event.  Please take time to give us feedback after the symposium so we can make improvements and make sure we meet your needs.

Thank you and Welcome,
John A Wallace, Ph.D., Chairperson
Sacramento Uganda Ministries Network

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